Where to Start?

How to Start Homeschooling


You are about to embark on a grand adventure! We know the process of starting homeschooling can be daunting, so we've put together the basic steps for you.

We have built a FREE course to help guide you through how to get started homeschooling in Tennessee! You can register for the course
HERE through THEA, our state-wide homeschool organization!

How do I get started?

  1. Register your child(ren) with either the local superintendent, a Church Related School (see here), or accredited online school of your choice.
  2. Give your local school notice that you will be homeschooling (if you go with a Church Related School they will do this for you).
  3. Build your team. Join MTHEA/THEA. Locate a support group, co-op, tutorial, or online community. Find your group to walk alongside you on this journey.
  4. Research and select curriculum for each child, or enroll in a specific home study course. Remember it is okay (even suggested) to start slow!
  5. Read, read, read, and gather information on home schooling. Inform yourself as to the educational, historical, political, and legal aspects of home education so that you may adequately explain (or defend) your home school to anyone who questions what you are doing.

Where can I download a copy of the forms to inform my local school district that we are homeschooling?
There is a link HERE to the Tennessee home school information page. From there, you can download the latest form(s) on the right. Again, this will be taken care of by your umbrella school if you choose to go that route.