Why Homeschool?

Why Homeschool?

What is home education?
Home education is a tutorial method of education in which one or both parents assume the entire responsibility of schooling their own children. While many people think of home education as a relatively new concept, in truth, it has been the predominate form of education throughout recorded history. Famous home schoolers include Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Webster, Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Pearl Buck, Agatha Christie, C.S. Lewis, Franklin D. Roosevelt ... to name only a few!

What are the benefits of home education?
There are a host of reasons to homeschool!

Academics - Research indicates that homeschooling is an excellent choice academically (see here), due in a large part to your ability to customize the education to each student's learning styles and needs!

Flexibility - You can adjust your homeschool journey to your family's needs! Whether that's adapting to your family's unique schedule, or adapting to different learning styles, you have an incredible amount of flexibility in how your child's education can look!

Safety - From bullying to school shootings, homeschooling gives you a much greater ability to protect your children during their education. The past couple of years have also brought an awareness to the health safety that homeschooling can provide!

Socialization - WIthout the artifical environment of a public school classroom, students are able to learn social skills across different demographics and age ranges (and without the bullying)! You the parent get to choose who your student socializes with.

Time Together - Nothing beats the sheer amount of time that you can spend together with your child when you are homeschooling!

ValuesYOU the parent get to decide the curriculum and what is taught, and can incorporate your values, beliefs and character instruction alongside your child's education!