Why Homeschool?

Is Homeschooling Legal

Is Home Education legal in Tennessee?
Yes. In 1985, primarily as a result of the TENNESSEE HOME EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (THEA) and home educators across the state, Tennessee enacted its current home schooling law (T.C.A. 49-6-3050). In grades K-8, home schoolers have three options in order to be in compliance with the law:

  1. Register with the local superintendent of public schools. You must register by August 1, maintain attendance records, and instruct 4 hours per day for 180 days. The teaching parent must have a high school diploma or G.E.D., and students must be tested when public school students are tested in grades 5, 7 and 9.
  2. Register with a Church Related School that offers services to home schoolers. You must meet the requirements of that particular school and have your child tested whenever they test their students.
  3. Enroll in an accredited, Category III online school.

On July 1, 1994 a new law went into effect lowering requirement for parents home teaching grades 9-12 from a BA degree to a high school diploma. The law requires that the parent register their students with the local public school. For those families unable to comply with this new law there is still the possibility requesting a waiver from the Commission of the Department of Education.

Many homeschoolers choose to join the Home School Legal Defense Association. While prosecution of homeschoolers in Tennessee is relatively infrequent, it can and does happen. HSLDA provides experienced legal counsel and representation by highly qualified attorneys to every member family who is challenged in the area of homeschooling. Attorney's fees are paid in full by HSLDA.

For more information about home-school legal issues, read this information from HSLDA.

How do I get my discount for HSLDA membership?
To obtain your discount for HSLDA membership you will need to use the MTHEA code when you sign up at HSLDA. For renewals, your discount should automatically be included (but double check to be sure). If you need assistance with the code, please contact the MTHEA office at [email protected].