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2016 Homeschool Entrepreneurship Fair (Rutherford)

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Middle Tennessee State University is hosting it's first Homeschool Entrepreneurship Fair, April 4, 2016. Based on their success with previous programs, MTSU is introducing an excellent opportunity for homeschooled high school students interested in entrepreneurship to gain valuable experience, and have some fun, too. The fair will be limited to 70 projects which can be presented individually or as a team of two students. Each individual/team will write a business plan and display their idea during a tradeshow. The judges will review the business plans and choose the winners based on several categories. An award ceremony will follow. Best of all, there are no fees for the students to compete. MTSU will also hold various workshops for students and guests to attend during the fair.

For more information, please download the packet below, or contact Stacy Aaron at stacy.aaron[at]mtsu.edu.


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