MTHEA Announces New Scholarship Funds

by Meredith Flautt, Past President, MTHEA

Dear Friends at MTHEA,

My daughter and I just want to thank you so much for the curriculum assistance funds. It came the Friday before Christmas, and means so much to us to have been blessed so unexpectedly at a time when being tight on funds is so difficult. What a delight, and also what a great testimony! We were able to take advantage of 75% off after Christmas sales and stock up on some art supplies plus visit McKay's books and purchase an entire phonics program, and we plan on ordering a great history book in the next week or two (which was my heart's desire to begin with!). We look forward to attending the fair in May. Thank you for the complimentary membership that covers that and makes that possible for us.

May God bless you and multiply it back to you.

First I have to say Thank YOU! Then I have to tell you that we received a check in the mail today and I was surprised and shocked because I never expected that, let alone the amount. It is an absolutely blessing. My husband was so excited and recognized the blessing. I never, ever expected anything like that. We will be deciding on curriculum very soon and that will just give us a jump start on what we need to purchase. Thank you again and I pray God pours an exorbitant amount of blessings on you. Let ALL God's people praise the Lord!

In Christ's Service

Oh, a hundred thousand thank-yous! This gift is of inexpressible value to me. Quite apart from the relief of provision for my child, it is a reminder that God has not forgotten us in the trenches.

I have puddled up & need to compose myself before I begin my son's morning therapy session.

May God bless you all in dollops!

Please extend my thanks to the Curriculum Assistance Committee for the blessing they have sent my way. My heart is humbled and thankful for your generosity. God has used you to be His hands in our lives. My sweet boy has no idea of the blessings that God dumps on him, but I do. I see it on a daily basis and I'm knocked over by His goodness.

Thanks for being a part of our journey.

Curriculum Fund Committee,

Wanted to formally thank you again for blessing our family with funds to buy some of our school books. We got a late start this year but we are now moving full steam ahead!

God's blessings,
Curriculum Fund Recipient

There are two characteristics of the 1st century church that I am continually drawn to. In Acts 2, Luke reports that “they sold their possessions and shared with all who had need.” In II Corinthians, Paul commends the Macedonians for “willingly giving out of their poverty.” The Acts church seemed to have extra which they lavished on those who didn’t have enough. The Macedonians didn’t really have enough themselves, but they were so eager to help their brothers and sisters in Christ that they lived on even less than they needed so that others could survive. This is not “law” giving; this is “love” giving!

For many years in home schooling, we have heard about or known families who were in great need because of their commitment to home educate their children. The members of the MTHEA Board have wanted to do something to help those families, but haven’t had the resources. Now, thanks to the generosity of a home school family with a “love” giving heart, I am overjoyed to tell you that two new scholarship funds have been established.

The first fund is designated for the purchase of curriculum for needy families. Most of us have known families who were waiting for the money to purchase a certain curriculum for educating their children. Many times they were just unable to buy the curriculum that they needed. The family who made the initial gift to establish this fund wants to do all they can to make sure that every family who needs help for curriculum can get it.

The second fund is designated for scholarships for seniors for further education. Many home school families not only struggle to provide high school education for their children, but also are overwhelmed when faced with college tuitions. We hope to be able to provide some assistance to many students headed to college or some other post-high school training.

In order to multiply the “loaves and fishes” that one family has given, we are announcing a matching program. The money that was given will be used to double the gifts that other members of our home school community wish to make. As you know, MTHEA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, so that your gifts are fully tax deductible. All gifts will be held in separate accounts and a scholarship committee will make recommendations to the Board of MTHEA for final decisions on scholarships.

As you consider any extra giving, please pray about making a contribution to one of these funds. If you can’t find any extra to share, maybe your parents would give to help other families like yours to prepare the “grandchildren” generation. May we be seen like the 1st century church as ones who take care of their own who have needs.

Soon after the end of the year, we will report the results of the year-end matching gifts and begin to take requests for scholarship for curriculum needs. As we near graduation, we will be announcing scholarships for graduating seniors.

May the watching world be amazed at our generosity to and compassion for our fellow home schoolers who are in need!


Please mail your tax-deductible donation to:

PO Box 2234
Smyrna, TN 37167

or call contact the MTHEA office for more information


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