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MTHEA Nashville Curriculum Fair

May 15 & 16 at The Fairgrounds Nashville

Hours: Friday, May 15, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday, May 16, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

PRINT: Mail-in Registration Form
  2015 Fair Flyer
  Exhibitor List (as of 4/27)
  Workshop Descriptions
  Workshop Schedule
  Exhibitor Packet


Fair Entrance is free for current 2014-2015 MTHEA Members!

Fair Entrance for an Out-of-State/THEA and NEW 2015-2016 MTHEA Member families:

  • Pre-register before April 20, 2015: $15/family for both or either day.
  • Register after April 20, 2015, or at the door: $25/family for both or either day

Fair Entrance for non-MTHEA members:

  • Pre-register before April 20, 2015: $25/family for both or either day
  • Register after April 20, 2015, or at the door: $35/family for both or either day.


We need your help!! Interested in volunteering at the fair? Click here to sign up online.

Location and Directions

Featured Speakers

Karen Costello, Workshop titles include: “Confidence, Competence, and Curricula,” “Dancing with God: Enjoying the Homeschool Journey,” Karen and Tim together will speak on: “Created to Enjoy: How your Marriage can grow During Your Homeschooling Season.”

Renee Miller of Miller Pads & Paper, Workshop titles include: “Don’t Stop Now! Homeschooling through Trials,” “Art- The Glue that Makes it Stick!” “Hands-On, Happy Preschoolers and Energetic, Excited Early Learners.”

Guest Speakers:

Chris Davis (The Pioneer Homeschooler), Workshop Titles include: “All the Reasons Children Resist Being Homeschooled and What to Do about Them,” “The 6 C’s of Successful Homeschooling,” and more...

Kirk Martin with Celebrate Calm, Workshop titles include: “Stop the Yelling, Lecturing, and Power Struggles,” “ Discipline that Works,” “The Strong-willed Child,” and more...

Plus many more workshops and guest speakers!!!!!!!

Admission Cost includes:

  • Access to climate-controlled buildings
  • Entrance to exhibitor booths and workshops!
  • Access to curricula, books, games, toys, craft supplies, science experiments, educational & entertainment DVDs & CDs, and more!
  • Entrance for mother, father, children, and grandparents!
  • Freedom to bring your own meals & snacks OR purchase from facility vendors – plenty of rest-area tables for your use
  • Freedom to bring in strollers, wagons, or wheeled luggage for your children & purchases
  • Access to a nursing mothers’ room for your convenience and privacy
  • A conference bag with brochures and advertisements
  • Access to veteran homeschooling families to help you!


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