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MTHEA Nashville Curriculum Fair

May 15 & 16 at the Nashville Expo Center of the TN State Fairgrounds

Hours: Friday, May 15, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday, May 16, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Register online now!

PRINT: Mail-in Registration Form
  2015 Fair Flyer
  Exhibitor Packet


Fair Entrance is free for current 2014-2015 THEA/THEA Members!

Fair Entrance for an Out-of-State family:

  • Pre-register before April 20, 2015: $15/family for both or either day.
  • Register after April 20, 2015, or at the door: $25/family for both or either day

Fair Entrance for non-MTHEA/THEA members:

  • Pre-register before April 20, 2015: $25/family for both or either day
  • Register after April 20, 2015, or at the door: $35/family for both or either day.

Location and Directions

Featured Speakers

Karen Costello, Workshop titles include: “Confidence, Competence, and Curricula,” “Dancing with God: Enjoying the Homeschool Journey,” Karen and Tim together will speak on: “Created to Enjoy: How your Marriage can grow During Your Homeschooling Season.”

Renee Miller of Miller Pads & Paper, Workshop titles include: “Don’t Stop Now! Homeschooling through Trials,” “Art- The Glue that Makes it Stick!” “Hands-On, Happy Preschoolers and Energetic, Excited Early Learners.”

Guest Speakers:

Chris Davis (The Pioneer Homeschooler), Workshop Titles include: “All the Reasons Children Resist Being Homeschooled and What to Do about Them,” “The 6 C’s of Successful Homeschooling,” and more...

Brett Martin with Celebrate Calm, Workshop titles include: “Stop the Yelling, Lecturing, and Power Struggles,” “ Discipline that Works,” “The Strong-willed Child,” and more...

Plus many more workshops and guest speakers!!!!!!!

Admission Cost includes:

  • Access to climate-controlled buildings in the Expo Center
  • Entrance to exhibitor booths and workshops!
  • Access to curricula, books, games, toys, craft supplies, science experiments, educational & entertainment DVDs & CDs, and more!
  • Entrance for mother, father, children, and grandparents!
  • Freedom to bring your own meals & snacks OR purchase from facility vendors – plenty of rest-area tables for your use
  • Freedom to bring in strollers, wagons, or wheeled luggage for your children & purchases
  • Access to a nursing mothers’ room for your convenience and privacy
  • A conference bag with brochures and advertisements
  • Access to veteran homeschooling families to help you!


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