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FIREHOUSE SUBS - Looking for a fun job. Firehouse Subs, Founded by Firemen, are hiring fun, outgoing and driven individuals. We are hiring full and part time. Ages 16 and up. Please email or call Chet at 615-730-5004, BerryHillTN[at] or Aimee at 615-750-2955, BrentwoodTN[at]
NEED HELP WITH MATH? - Elementary Math, Algebra I, II, Geometry ~ I am a certified teacher with Masters Degree and 18 yrs experience ~ Advanced Math teacher for past 9 yrs ~ I use many different strategies, illustrate abstract concepts with visuals & interactives, & ensure that learning is memorable AND fun! kwmteachlearn8[at]
THEATER/SPEECH/VOCAL/ARRANGING COACHING - Belmont graduate offering coaching in the areas of singing, musical theater, competitive speech/forensics, and beginner musical arranging. Would love to hear about your child and craft a specific set of goals for them! 615-815-9679
PART TIME BABYSITTER WANTED - Babysitter needed Monday and Friday. 4-5 hrs/day. Flexible schedule. Southwest Williamson co. 615-879-8412
USED HOME SCHOOLS BOOKS/CURRICULUM - I have tons of uses home school books/curriculum. Graduated my last child and all must go. Will give great deals, must get rid of them. Jan guntherjk[at]

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